Coffs Harbour City Council

12 May 2021


Extraordinary Council Meeting


The above meeting will be held in the Council Administration Building

Cnr Coff and Castle Streets, Coffs Harbour on:


Thursday, 20 May 2021


The meeting commences at 4.00pm and your attendance is requested.





1.         Opening of Extraordinary Meeting

2.         Acknowledgment of Country

3.         Public Forum

4.         Disclosure of Interest

5.         Apologies

6.         Leaves of Absence

7.         Mayoral Minute

8.         Notices of Motion – General

9.         Consideration of Confidential Items (if any)

10.      Close of Extraordinary Meeting



Steve McGrath

General Manager



Order of Business



Notices of Motion General

NOM21/13      Acid Sulfate Soil Disposal from Cultural and Civic Space.............. 3

The following item either in whole or in part may be considered in Closed Meeting for the reasons stated.

NOM21/14      Personnel Matter

A portion of this report is confidential for the reason of Section 10A(2):

(a)....... personnel matters concerning particular individuals (other than Councillors),

and in accordance with Section 10A (1) the meeting may be closed to the public.

NOM21/13   Acid Sulfate Soil Disposal from Cultural and Civic Space

Attachments:          Nil



Councillors Townley and Swan have given their notice of intention to move the following:

"That Council:

1.       Receive a detailed and comprehensive report documenting the changes regarding disposal of acid sulfate soils from the Cultural and Civic Space project.  The report is to provide documented timelines as to how and why the plans changed and should include details of all interactions with the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) on this matter (including details of any applications made in relation to this issue).  Full copies of correspondence with NSW EPA as well as with Queensland’s Environment Protection Agency are to be provided.

2.       Council note that the provision of the report does not alter the adopted position of Council regarding the Cultural and Civic Space project."


Staff Comment:

A report can be provided.