Coffs Harbour City Council

12 December 2017


EXTRAORDINARY Ordinary Council Meeting


The above meeting will be held in the Council Administration Building

Cnr Coff and Castle Streets, Coffs Harbour on:


Wednesday, 20 December 2017


The meeting commences at 8.30am and your attendance is requested.





1.         Opening of Extraordinary Meeting

2.         Acknowledgment of Country

3.         Disclosure of Interest

4.         Apologies

5.         Directorate Reports – Sustainable Communities

6.         Consideration of Confidential Items (if any)

7.         Close of Extraordinary Meeting.



Steve  McGrath

General Manager



Order of Business



Directorate Reports - Sustainable Communities

SC17/70          Contract RFT-883-TO - Design and Construction C.ex Coffs International Stadium...................................................................................... 3   

SC17/70       Contract RFT-883-TO - Design and Construction C.ex Coffs International Stadium

Author:                        Group Leader City Prosperity

Authoriser:                  Director Sustainable Communities

MyCoffs:                      B.1 A thriving and sustainable local economy

Attachments:              ATT1  SC17/70   CONFIDENTIAL          Tender Assessment and negotiations - Contract No  RFT-883-TO

Confidential in accordance with Section 10A(2)(d)(i),(d)(ii) of the Local Government Act as it contains commercial information of a confidential nature that would, if disclosed prejudice the commercial position of the person who supplied it, and information that would, if disclosed, confer a commercial advantage on a competitor of the council.  


Executive Summary

The ‘Building an EPIC Stadium for the Future’ project will upgrade C.ex Coffs International Stadium.  The project is co-funded by Council, the Federal Government’s Building Better Regions Fund, and local business contributions. 

Tenders for the design and construction of the project have been evaluated and negotiated to ensure the project objectives can be realised in the most cost effective manner for Council.



That Council considers tenders received for the Design and Construction of C.ex Coffs International Stadium upgrade, Contract No. RFT-883-TO, and adopt the motion as detailed in the confidential attachment to this Report.



Description of Item:

The ‘Building an EPIC Stadium for the Future’ project will upgrade C.ex Coffs International Stadium.  The project is cofunded by Council, the Federal Government’s Building Better Regions Fund, and local business contributions.

Project Vision

To deliver a Stadium universally regarded by our stakeholders as the best regional sports Stadium in Australia, a place that drives the visitor economy through events, and that our community is immensely proud of.

Project Objectives

1.   To enhance the user experience now and into the future – a vibrant, innovative, integrated, and activated precinct that’s a pleasure to use and discover. 

2.   To be the venue of choice for field based sports, meeting the diverse stakeholder needs and requirements of large participant events, broadcast spectator events and community events, across myriad sports.

3.   To embrace Council’s ‘digital first’ and ‘customer centric’ philosophies.

4.   To deliver an inclusive, accessible and environmentally sustainable venue.

5.   To remain open for business with minimum impact on our contracted annual events while the project is delivered

Open tenders were called for a Lump Sum contract in local and capital city newspapers and via Council’s electronic Tenderlink portal. The extended deadline for submission of tenders was 3.30pm on Tuesday, 5 December 2017.

Three tenders were received from the following companies:

1.   AJ Pipelines Construction Pty Ltd.

2.   Lipman Pty Ltd

3.   O’Donnell & Hanlon Pty Ltd

This matter was last considered by Council at its meeting of 7 December 2017, where it resolved:

That Council:

1.   Decline to accept any tender received for Contract No. RFT-883-TO C.ex Coffs International Stadium upgrade; in accordance with S178(1)(b) of the Local Government Regulations.

2.   Not invite fresh tenders as it is considered unlikely that a fresh tender with the same requirements would elicit a different result to that which has been achieved.

3.   Delegate authority to the General Manager to enter into negotiations with any person (whether or not the person was a tenderer) with a view to entering into a contract in relation to the subject matter of the tender.

4.   Note that the reason for determining to enter into negotiations is to achieve a more cost effective result for Council than that which resulted from the tenders.

5.   Schedule an Extraordinary Meeting of Council at the earliest opportunity to consider the outcomes of the negotiations mentioned in point 4 above.

Tenders have been evaluated on the following criteria:

-     Tender price and value for money

-     Relevant experience and references of contractor and design team

-     Design and Construction Methodology and Program

-     Quality, Health & Safety Management Systems


Refer to the confidential attachment to the report.


The options available to Council under the Local Government Act with respect to this report are to:

1.       Adopt the recommendation provided to Council within the Confidential Attachment.

2.       Amend or reject the recommendation. 

Sustainability Assessment:

•     Environment

There are no environmental implications associated with this report.  The development approval and related consents determines all relevant environmental considerations.

•     Social

There are no social implications associated with this report.  The development approval and related consents consider relevant social considerations.

•     Civic Leadership

The project helps Council to realise a key strategic outcome of the My Coffs Community Strategic Plan: B.1 A thriving and sustainable local economy.

•     Economic – Broader Economic Implications

Sports Events currently inject $30 million into the Coffs Harbour economy annually. 

The independent financial analysis undertaken during the preparation of the business case confirmed that the ‘Building an EPIC Stadium for the Future project’ will deliver


Economic Benefit

$7.7m during construction

$3m per annum into the future

$4m per annum outside the region



62 during construction

41 into the future

27 outside the region

•     Economic - Delivery Program/Operational Plan Implications

Refer to the confidential attachment to the report.

Risk Analysis:

A full risk management plan is a standard part of any design and construct contract.


Considerable stakeholder consultation with sports, events, business and Council partners has been undertaken in the preparation of the project business case, concept designs and grant application.  Many letters of support, as well as some financial contributions, were received from the local business community for the grant application.

Related Policy, Precedents and / or Statutory Requirements:

The calling and receiving of tenders was carried out in accordance with Part 7 Tendering of the Local Government (General) Regulations 2005.

Implementation Date / Priority:

If approved, the resolution can be implemented immediately.


The design and construction is the major component of the upgrade of C.ex Coffs International Stadium ‘Building an EPIC Stadium for the Future’ project.